Wannabe Designers path for the 2023



A special jury of future designers will assign the
Wannabe Designer Mention of the Caesar Design Film Award!

2023 confirms the festival’s collaboration with the Industrial Product Design course at the University of  Bologna, whose students, led by thr professor Elena Vai, are called uponto choose the short film from the CDFA selection that they think best carries the theme of Design Visions. Which archetypes will our Wannabe Designers start from in their interpretation of the design method?

We don’t know where they will start from, but in our festival’s true style, a specific programme was tailor-made for the Wannabe Designers to construct their own conscious path. After meeting with our artistic directors, Federico and Mirco, in the classroom where they analysed the festival as if it was an industrial product, they will have the opportunity, during the day dedicated to CDFA, to visit the Ceramiche Caesar production site to get to know the business reality. This will be followed by a discussion with Isinnova’s CEO and founder Cristian Fracassi. But it doesn’t end there. CDFA audience and Wannabe Designers meet the evening of 4 May the Egoundesing’s designers.