Winners of first edition of the Ennesimo Film Festival

We took a break from the end of the festival, but here we are to announce  even on the blog the winners of the first edition of Ennesimo Film Festival!

The public has assigned to Les Frémissements du thé (The way of tea) by Marc Fouchard the Ennesimo People’s Choice Prize. Film obtained avarage votes of 8,3, it is set in a small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik’s grocery store..

Techincal Jury composed by Luca Cechet Sansoè, Guglielmo Favilla and Antonio Bigini has assigned the Ennesimo Critics’ Choice Prize to Réplique realized  by French director Antoine Giorgini,  shortmovie is about the story of Tony’s audition for a for drama school.

Here jury reasons:
«For the high level of its script and direction, capable of using faces, words and gestures of inexperienced young actors, surprisingly fair and measured, to tell the hardships of social discrimination, the anxiety of redemption and the cruelty of social relations in a  classist, individualist and selfish society, the first prize goes to Replique by Antoine Giorgini.».

But, we have another surprise! Infact, jury decides to assigned to  Barbara directed by Yannick Privat a Special mention «For the ability to break the illusive mirror of the society of the spectacle, exposing the complex conflicts of French society, but not only, as well as its explosive neurosis, through a choral story told by an excellent all-female cast, and with a breath-taking ending».

That’s all folks!