Worldwide Selection

May 05 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m @BLA 


Founded with the desire to create a network between film festivals in the difficult post-pandemic times, the Worldwide selection is back again this year, in a world that has now become accustomed to normality and the absence of distancing.

Even in happier times, the desire to team up across territorial borders remains alive, with the sole aim of thanking cinema: the art without which Ennesimo could not exist. Six international festivals present their best films to EFF audiences, allowing them to experience being simultaneously here and elsewhere, in this kermesse and in another. A magic that only cinema can create. One of many. Mistreated and still considered by many as pure entertainment and nothing more, the seventh art is in fact also the one that, most of all, knows how to make us dream, move, excite. And on this special occasion it also makes us feel united in the idea that culture can, such as beauty, ‘save the world’.


Ale Kino! Selection Poznań, Polonia Next edition : november 2023 ALEKINO.COM

  1. Astra
    Michał Łubiński
    15’ PL 2022
    Astra tries to stop her sister Anna from taking part in a dangerous mission. When Anna needs help, however, the little girl goes into space on her own without hesitation.

2. I am good at karate
Jess Dadds
12’ UK 2021
The film follows a young teenager who is forced to battle a Demon made of football shirts.

3. Too Rough
Sean Lìonadh
16’ UK 2022
After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.


Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival Selection – Budapest, Hungary next edition: October 2023 CINEMIRA.HU


  1. Sommerregen (Summer Rain)
    Julia Skala, Oscar Jacobson
    6’ GE 2020
    After an exhausting rainy day, a young woman fights against her growingly overwhelming feelings.
  2. Még emlékszem (I Still Remember)
    Flora Chilton
    6’ HU 2021
    “Sadly I remember the war very well. Because if something remains in the memory of a child, it can’t be washed away.”
  3. Trophy
    Sandra Coppola
    15’ GE 2020
    Dominique, a shy and introverted teenager, wants to become the best hockey player in her league. Her father and personal trainer expects no less. But when she secures a coveted trophy, whose win is it?

4. Paradiesvogel (Bird of Paradise)
Jannik Weiße
15’ GE 2021
Milan’s first real relationship is followed by his first real break-up. All he and Laurie have left is a plastic bag full of memories… and their “adoptive child”, which neither of them wants to keep.

5. Gliding
Galina Chakarova
5’ UK 2021
A young girl gliding through life on her roller blades has to contend with the pandemic and leave her blissful life behind.

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People Selection – Pyrgos, Greece – Next edition: December 2023

  1. A comuñón da miña prima Andrea (The Communion of My Cousin Andrea)
    Brandán Cerviño
    13’ ES 2021
    With the help of her filmmaker cousin and some technical tools, Andrea edits the recording of her own communion, taking place in a small Galician church in accordance with ancient traditions.
    2. Ama’r Halshug (Cross Your Heart)
    Nikolaj Storgaard Mortensen
    13’ DK 2021
    After the death for overdose of her big brother, Hannah is terrified that her big brother Ivan will follow in his footsteps. Unable to rely on her still grieving mom, Hanna has to navigate this difficult time on her own and be brave, because sometimes that’s all you can do.

    3. Memoir of a Veering Storm
    Sofia Georgovassili
    14’ EL 2021
    When she skips school to go to the hospital, Anna is ready to face a life-changing experience. Having left in the morning as a teenage girl, by the afternoon becomes a woman

    4. Out There
    Sebastian Hill-Esbrand
    13’ CAN 2021
    After Maryam wins a global competition for students on creative scientific thinking, she reflects on family, community and her sense of self as she prepares to leave home and start a new chapter of her life.

J.E.F. Selection – Antwerp, Belgium – Next Edition: February 2024 JEFFESTIVAL.BE

  1. Goals
    Florinda Ciucio
    15’ BE 2020
    Best friends Charlotte and Husna dream of a professional football career. When Charlotte is transferred to a more advanced team, will the girls remain #friendshipgoals?
    2. Bijzonder Buitengewoon (Extraordinary Mona)
    Sarah Van Dale
    15’ BE 2023
    Mona is an imaginative teenager with ASD. On the eve of her transition to mainstream education, an exciting new world is opening up for her.

    3. Maverick
    Domien Huyghe
    20’ BE 2017
    After the death of his father, eight-year-old Stan uses his imagination as a coping mechanism, embarking on a formidable adventure into the woods.

Selezione SCHLiNGEL – International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience – Chemnitz, Germania Prossima edizione: settembre 2023 FF-SCHLINGEL.DE


  1. Affendomino (Monkey Domino)
    Ulf Grenzer
    4’ GE 2021
    At the zoo, an Orang-utan becomes friends with the animal-loving daughter of the manager. The two have a lot of fun together and a chain of occasional events changes the ape’s cage life forever.
    2. Laika & Nemo
    Jan Gadermann
    15’ GE 2022
    Nemo looks different. He doesn’t know anyone else who wears a diving suit and such a huge helmet, until he meets Laika, an astronaut.

    3. Varken (Pig)
    Jorn Leeuwerink
    8’ NL 2022
    A big group of animals makes itself dependent on a power grid hooked onto the socket-shaped snout of a single sleeping pig… How long will that last?

    4. Uni (In Dreams)
    Pete Riski
    15’ FI 2021
    The daughter of a single father keeps mysteriously disappearing every time she falls asleep.

    5. Quand les hirondelles s’en vont (When the swallows fly away)
    Sébastian Pins
    19’ BE 2021
    In a small rural village, a young boy befriends Fernand and Andrée, a farmer couple who, at 80 years old, find themselves at trouble feeding their remaining livestock.

    6. Der Wasser-Sommelier (The Water Sommelier)
    Ryan Wichert,
    Noémi Dabrowski
    7’ GE 2021
    As a trained water sommelier and soon-to-be water whisperer, Hugo is passionate about all things transparent, wet and liquid.

    7. Du hast viele Teile… (Spare Parts)
    Niva Ehrlich
    25’ GE 2021
    Eight-year-old Lina is in urgent need of a new heart. Since she doesn’t want one from a dead child, she starts looking for parts to build herself a new heart.

ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL – International Film Festival for Children and Youth Zlìn Selection, Czech Republic, Next Edition: June 2023 ZLINFEST.CZ

  1. Goutte d’Eau (Water Drop)
    Anjun Zou, Melodie Leger Rimbert, Yu Liu, Kevin Hamimi
    6’ FR 2021
    After sheltering a drop of water from the oppressive heat, a dehydrated plant creature needs the drop of water to save her.
    2. Slunce (Sun)
    Jakub Brokl
    6’ CZ 2021
    A little boy lives on a planet with no sunlight. Not losing hope, the boy and his faithful dog go on a journey in search of the sun.

    3. Andersland (Oddland)
    An Vrombaut
    8’ BE 2022
    A group of strange animals play a game of hide-and-seek. They look like giraffes, but without necks. Suddenly, Gerda grows a long neck.

    4. Bristles
    Quentin Haberham
    2’ NL 2021
    Jealousy turns to empathy when some brushes witness their worse-case scenario: becoming THE brush that doesn’t get washed after painting.

    5. Nounours
    Lou Rigoudy
    3’ CAN 2021
    A story of a girl and her teddy bear as she grows up and they grow apart.

    6. Kiwi & Strit – Things Have Legs
    Esben Toft Jacobs
    Meet Kiwi and Strit, two funny and furry little creatures who live in a clearing in the forest.

    7. Mišja hiša (Mouse House)
    Timon Leder
    8’ SL 2022
    A gluttonous mouse traps himself in a cheese wheel while his starving friend stranded outsidemust contend with a hungry cat

    8. Karlchen und die Elefanten (Little Karl and the Elephants)
    Friedrich Kießling
    8’ GE 2021
    At the beginning of World War 1, little Karl has a big dream: to see the famous elephants of the Sarrasani Circus! To earn the entrance fee, he starts working for a merchant. Based on a true story.

    9. Odpust / Forgive
    Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková
    8’ CZ 2022
    While playing with a ball, two little girls quarrel and their umbrage makes them inflate like balloons. They fly up to the clouds, with no idea how to get down and save their kitten stuck in a tree