FROM MAY 1 TO MAY 8 – FROM 10 A.M. TO 1 P.M. + FROM 3 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

Worldwide, short films of various kinds from festivals all over Europe!

The pandemic has been a cumbersome presence in our daily lives over the past two years. The repercussions on social life, as we know, have been numerous, unpredictable, unforeseen, perhaps still unquantifiable. For two years we have lived separated from each other, closed at home, distant, powerless. Festivals, cinema, art have represented for everyone, in those days, a lifeline: streaming has allowed us to travel the world, to watch film previews from our sofas. And yet, today, with life on the rebound, we seem to have forgotten that this is not the classic way to enjoy cinema: theatres are half-empty, festivals struggle to find support, culture is going through a hard time. We should be grateful to the 7th art: always branded as a minor, purely entertaining one, it has often given us a way to move forward. It is in its name, then, that the Worldwide selection was born: short films of various kinds – documentaries, fiction, animation, various experiments – from festivals all over Europe, to try to rebuild ties suspended in the last two years and shorten the distances that have prevented us from attending many festivals. We want to bring with us the best that the pandemic has left: the ability to travel through space, thanks to technology and mutual support.