Yannick Privat’s interview, director of Barbara

Hailing from the Antilles, Yannick Privat studied cinema at EICAR in Paris. Barbara, his third shortmovie, obtains the Special Mention by the Jury during the first edition of Ennesimo Film Festival. We asked him to tell us something more about this work.


Can we ask you if some author or another film inspired you during the shooting of Barbara? Last scene is very reminiscent of Tarantino….
When I wrote Barbara I had no special references. But, I love the cinema of Claude Lelouch, his characters talks a lot and in all his movies it very clear his love for French language. I love my language and I know my cinema is definitely talkative. I love Tarantino’s movies as well, and – you know- even his characters talk a lot! Sometimes too much. In particular he uses the dialogues to create tension. That’s what I tried to do with Barbara: to make tension growing through the dialogues to surprise the audience with the brutal scene at the end.


What was biggest problem while you were shooting the film?
 The challenge was how to shoot seven characters in the same place. In the first version of the script, the girls were even ten! I quickly realized that it would be impossible to shoot. Seven was a good number, and I used three cameras at the same time, because I wanted to see each of their little reactions, facials expressions, during the scenes. The editing was quite testing though. But I was the editor too, so… I took my time!


Is Barbara your first short or have you already shot other film?
Barbara is my third short. I directed another short after, completely different, called «El Negro» about an african woman who passes a job interview to be a nanny. And now I’m writing another short and my first long feature at the same time.


Pic: Yannick Privat and Barbara actresses awarded at the Grand Prix KINOMA 2016


Teaser Barbara