“La Sosteria” is a project aimed at preserving the existing heritage, bringing into function a disused space
and motivating the community to plan shared activities that can bring a direct benefit to the territory.

La Sosteria - Edicola Santa Caterina - fiorano

The goal is to bring the newsstand in Via Santa Caterina da Siena in Fiorano Modenese back to be a significant place for the community and transform the disused structure into a productive centre of cultural enjoyment and innovation in order to improve the dialogue between citizens and institutions with particular care for the most vulnerable categories.

The first intervention of tactical urbanism will be realized during the festival, cause this space will host a loop representation of Omelia Contadina to create a sustainable place where the future of the planet is more and more linked to the future of places, structures and people.




A community gathers on a high plateau on the border between three regions to celebrate the funeral of peasant agriculture. The work is in all respects a cinematic action to prevent the
disappearance of a millenary culture.


The project

Last fall, during a walk on the border between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany – affirms Alice Rohrwacher – I was telling my friend and artist JR my concerns about the destruction of the agrarian landscape, wracked by the phenomenon of intensive single-crop farming that is currently changing and shaping entire territories. As the daughter of a beekeeper, I was telling him about the great death of insects and the struggles of small farmers trying to stem this “flood” of speculation, subsidies and pesticides. While looking at the landscape marked by endless rows of hazel
trees, we noticed that it looked like a cemetery. On our way back, we made  a decision: if it looked like a cemetery, we had to plan a funeral… but it had to be cheerful and full of life! That’s
how Omelia Contadina started: as a cinematic action through which we could support the struggle of small farmers and of the citizens of the Alfina plateau. A funeral, but also a hymn of hope addressed to all those who keep us alive day by day, by  producing our food.

Omelia Contadina - Registi


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